Company Introduction

With the proven know-how and expertise gained from our 40-year history
in the defense sector, we have provided products and services critical
to the development of the nation's defense system.

Hanwha Munitions
safeguarding the future We are
committed to leading the future of the
defense industry at home and beyond.

Having served as a reliable foundation for supporting the development of national defense over the last 40 years, we will continue to grow into a leading defense solutions provider that competes on the global stage.

Since we first entered the defense sector in 1974 based on our technology in explosives products, our industry-leading military products have played a pivotal role in building and enhancing the nation's capacity for independent defense. During this 40-year period, we have gained numerous core technologies through our preemptive investment in precision-guided munitions, unmanned systems, and aerospace solutions and from our rich experience in government-led defense projects. Based on this technological excellence, we are driving enhanced technical sophistication of weapons and defense systems in the nation, and are now actively engaging in collaboration and cooperation with our global partners to further sharpen our global competitiveness and create new businesses that will support our continued growth into the future.



Contributing to the nation’s defense and world peace by providing innovative defense solutions.



Trusted global partner providing
innovative defense solutions.

Strategy Assignment

  • AmmunitionAmmunition and
    Business Expansion
  • Overseas BusinessOverseas Business
  • New Growth EnginesNew Growth Engines
  • Risk ManagementRisk Management
  • Business Process InnovationBusiness Process Innovation

CEO Management

A robust company
with quality products and operational excellence

A great company
where employees area happy and take pride in their work