Company Introduction

With the proven know-how and expertise gained from our 40-year history
in the defense sector, we have provided products and services critical
to the development of the nation's defense system.


Hanwha Munitions runs the Research & Engineering Center in Daejeon, which conducts research in next-generation guided weapons and smart munitions, along with Three plants in Boeun, Daejeon and Yeosu, each of which manufactures its own specialized defense products.

Local Network / Plant

  • Hanwha Corporation Defense Division Head Office
    Hanwha Munitions Head Office

    General business operations and management support

    86, Cheonggyecheon-ro,
    Jung-gu, Seoul
  • Research & Engineering Center
    Defense R&D Center

    R&D in smart missiles and munitions system R&D in next-generation tactical and strategic guided munitions system R&D in unmanned systems (algorithms, networking, etc.)

    Yuseong-daero, Yuseong-gu,
  • Daejeon Plant
    Daejeon Plant

    Guided munitions systems Propulsion systems

    Oesam-ro, Yuseong-gu,
  • Boeun Plant
    Boeun Plant

    Munitions Warheads Guided munitions, artillery fuzes

    Hoeinnaebuk-ro, Boeun-gun,
  • Yeosu Plant
    Yeosu Plant

    Munitions systems High explosives, propellants, pyrotechnics

    Sinwol-ro, Yeosu-si,