Company Common
- Compliance Control Inspection Checklist

Checklist Manifestation
Yes No N/A

1.I have discussed matters requiring legal review with Legal Team beforehand, and upon the occurrence of a dispute, I took measures to resolve the dispute, if necessary, I took due process and measure under consultation with the Legal Team.

2.I have not granted any credit to a major shareholder, his related parties, a director, an executive officer or an auditor such as loans/guarantees of money or property exceeding the range permitted by relevant laws. I have received approval from Board of Directors in dealing with the largest shareholder or his related parties.

3.In signing a contract with an affiliate company, I made sure to secure the fairness of contract terms, such as setting an appropriate price, so that no provision will be construed as an act of unjust support as defined in Monopoly Regulations and Fair Trade Act (“Fair Trade Act”).

4.I have not infringed copyrights, patent rights, utility model rights, design rights, trademarks (collectively “intellectual property rights”) of others, and I acknowledge that I shall immediately discuss with Legal Team in the event of discovering that the Company’s intellectual property rights are infringed by others.

5.I did not use or disclose the company's trade secrets (manufacture methods, sales methods, and other useful technical/management information for business activities kept confidential by reasonable efforts) for the purpose of obtaining an unjust profit.

6.I am aware that in order to collect, use, and provide personal information to a third party, there must be grounds such as the consent of the subject of the information and the provisions of the law, and when consent is obtained, essential matters such as purpose, personal information items, and period must be notified.

7.Upon the occurrence of a matter that is subject to public announcement, I cooperate closely with the relevant department to ensure a proper and timely announcement. In performing my tasks, I conducted a priority review of whether such a matter is subject to a public announcement.

8.In the event that civil liability related to the company's business, such as compulsory enforcement or compensation for damages, is expected or occurs, I understand that it is necessary to notify the immediate supervisor and the legal team without delay and take appropriate measures to prevent damages.

9.I have not promised, provided or expressed an intention to provide bribes to public officials, etc., and I did not give or receive money and other valuables related to duties to any public officials or his/her spouse. In exceptional cases of social, ritual or aid purposes I have complied with the upper limit amounts pursuant to the law.

10.In violation of laws or company regulations, I have not committed embezzlement, such as embezzling the company's assets or refusing to return the embezzled assets, and I have not engaged in a breach of trust, such as acquiring property interests or allowing a third party to acquire them.

11.I have not engaged in any act construed as sexual harassment in the workplace and any act equivalent to workplace harassment.

12.I understand that a business entity must not engage in illegal cartel conduct under the Fair Trade Act, including an act of collusion with other business entity, require any other business entity to determine, maintain or change prices unfairly, set up unfair terms and conditions of the transaction, impose a limitation on transaction areas or counterparties, and fixing prices and agreeing on a successful bidder in bidding or auction.

Who We Are

Through sustained efforts for increased corporate competitiveness
and technological innovation, Hanwha Corporation has
continued its growth into a global company with the world's leading
technological expertise and competitiveness.


Hanwha Group established the independent Hanwha Compliance Committee in 2018.
The committee’s aim is to cultivate and enhance the law-abiding management.

Hanwha Compliance Committee
1. Overview
  1. (1) Daily Compliance Support
  2. (2) Inspection
  3. (3) Training
  4. (4) Report and Validity Assessment
2. Daily Compliance Support
  • Based on the Company’s “Legal Regulations”.
  • With regard to the activities of the Company requiring legal review (“Legal Work”), the team responsible for the work (the “Responsible Team”) is to provide timely and proper response for effective discussion.
  • Scope of Legal Work
    • ⅰ) Enact and revise Articles of Incorporation and bylaws.
    • ⅱ) Prepare and review documents which either give rise to, alter or terminate the Company’s rights or obligations, or certify important facts, including but not limited to agreements, contracts, MOUs, and LOIs.
    • ⅲ) Review legal matters related to conducting a major project.
    • ⅳ) File, proceed with or cooperate in a litigation, mediation or arbitration.
    • ⅴ) File, proceed with or cooperate in an enforcement, auction or preservative measure.
    • ⅵ) All work related to outside attorneys, patent attorneys, judicial scriveners including request for representation or advice, engaging as legal counsel, etc.
    • ⅶ) Other work recognized as Legal Work by the Head of Team in Charge or Head of Legal Team.
  • Essential and core activities of Compliance Control
3. Inspection
  • Regulra Inspection :
    • Compliance Manager(CM) should inspect their Compliance Control Unit using the Compliance Control Inspection Checklist twice a year, and report the result to Compliance General Manager(CGM). CGM collect and check the result from CM, and report the results to Compliance Officer.
  • Random Inspection :
    • If necessary, Compliance Officer conducts compliance inspection on specific matter directly or through CGM or CM.
  • Compliance Control Inspection Checklist
  • On-site inspection · interview: conduct if necessary.
4. Training
  • Hold Compliance Workshop more than once a year to educate Compliance Managers → knowledge to be disseminated within individual Compliance Control units.
  • Include compliance as a topic in training programs for the newly recruited (both recent graduates and those with work experience) → To imprint the importance of Compliance Control at the beginning of their career at the Company.
  • Group education : if necessary.
  • Create an archive and a forum on the intranet.
5. Reporting and Validity Assessment
  • Report the results of compliance control activities to the Board of Directors and CEO at least once a year.
  • Conduct a validity assessment when there is a significant change in the compliance control systerm.