Corporate Suitability Management

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Quality Management Policy

Hanwha Corporation/Momentum will always do its best to establish and implement a preemptive and preventive quality management system to meet the customers’ needs and expectations to achieve the vision of “Global Leader in Engineering Solutions and Process Equipment.”

  1. Achieve customer’s satisfaction
    It provides the best products and services to meet customer requirements and expectations under the firm belief that realizing customer satisfaction is the top priority value of corporate management.
  2. Establishment and implementation of a preemptive and preventive quality management system
    Preemptive and systematic quality management system is established, implemented, and continuously improved in all activities such as product and service provision from the initial stage of development and design.
  3. Secure the highest quality competitiveness through continuous improvement and innovation
    Drive continuous improvement by identifying and removing potential risks in advance, and secure market-leading quality competitiveness through innovative product development and technology internalization.
  4. Securing quality management capabilities and strengthening voluntary participation
    Executives and employees have the capabilities necessary for quality management, voluntarily participate in system activities, and actively respond to changing market demands to lead changes and innovation in the business area.
  5. Shared growth and sustainable management
    Create common interests with customers and partner companies based on trust, and pursue sustainablemanagement through valuable partnerships.

Hanwha Corporation/Momentum
CEO Yang Kiwon