Corporate Suitability Management

We do the utmost for our social
responsibility to create a brighter future.

SHE Management System

Continual improvement based on ISO 45001 & ISO14001 management systems
Hanwha Corporation/Momentum has acquired Environmental Health and Safety certifications such as ISO 45001 & ISO14001 and we are pursuing maximization of Environmental Health and Safety management by deploying efficient activities and maintenance control.
1.Policy > 2.Planning > 3.Implementation & Operation > 4.Checking & Corrective action > 5.Management

System Structure

The Safety, Health, and Environment management system of Hanwha Corporation/Momentum is composed of: the “Safety, Health, and Environment Management Manual,” which stipulates requirements for safety, health, and environment management under international standards; “Safety, Health, and Environment Procedures,” which describes how to achieve safety, health, and environment management performance for each activity element; and the sub-category “Guidelines, Standards, and Standards.”
Guidelines, Criteria, Standards > Procedures > Manual


  • ISO 45001(Safety & Health Management System)Certification

    • Initial Certification Date : 2020.11.16.
    • Certification Authority : Kiwa Korea Ltd.
  • ISO 14001(Environmental Management System)Certification

    • Initial Certification Date : 1999.10.23.
    • Certification Authority : Kiwa Korea Ltd.

ECO-YHES Operational Planning Management

Hanwha Corporation/Momentum’s Environmental Health and Safety management system reflects an operating plan based on ECO-YHES. We vigorously take action to achieve maximum results.

  • 01Group Safety, Health & Environment Policy & Guidelines
  • 02Workplace Safety, Health & Environment Policy
  • 03Medium/Long Term Investment for Improvement (Costs) in Safety, Health & Environment
  • 04Safety, Health & Environment Goals and Detailed Targets
  • 05Safety, Health & Environment Education and Training
  • 06Safety, Health & Environment Inspections
  • 07Health Enhancements

Management of Regulations

Hanwha Corporation/Momentum is operating
a regulatory response system for enforcing application
of requirements at worksites and monitoring
amended regulations for enforcing safety, health,
and environment requirements.

Following regulations Managing losses(Maintaining Applicable Regulation inventory, Gaining and grasping amended and new regulations, Sharing the contents of amended or new regulations, Responding to regulations)

Hanwha Corporation/Momentum has a structure to efficiently manage ISO 45001 and ISO4001, taking each of our roles and responsibilities for Safety, Health and Environment.

Hanwha Corporation/Momentum undergoes internal audits and group ECO-YHES evaluations twice a year to ensure efficient operation of Safety, Health and Environment management systems. Areas for improvement are implemented after the findings of the internal audit and evaluation are deduced. The ECO-YHES evaluation is used to evaluate how well workplaces are implementing Safety, Health and Environment policies(guidelines).