Who We Are

Through sustained efforts for increased corporate competitiveness
and technological innovation, Hanwha Corporation has
continued its growth into a global company with the world's leading
technological expertise and competitiveness.

Toward the Dream of
'World's Leading Company, Hanwha Corporation'

Since its establishment in 1952 under the founding philosophy of 'contributing to the nation and society,'  Hanwha Corporation has continued its growth over the last six decades, playing a crucial role in suppor- ting the nation's economic development during that time. With our forward-looking, bold restructuring endeavors to improve management efficiency, we have realigned our business operations to focus on the Global and Defense Division, and we completed our merger with Hanwha  TechM (currently 'Hanwha Corporation/Momentum Division') on October 1, 2014. Based on our rich business experience, we have created new core technologies, sustaining market growth and expansion abroad. We will continue take one step after another on the path toward our goal of becoming a world-leading global company that promotes the development of humanity and advan- ces human values, embodying Hanwha's TRI-circle   management values of trust, respect, and innovation.

Hanwha Corporation
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The key root of Hanwha Group spreading out
into the world and the future

The Global Division provides chemical technology-based solutions, connecting the energy and environment sectors.

Having succeeded in the development of the nation's first dynamite and the supply of safe and high-quality explosives and related chemicals to domestic industries, Hanwha Corporation/Global Division leads the commercial explosives markets at home and abroad with world-class technology and safety standards. It also provides various services including fireworks displays through our Fireworks Promotion Unit, while further expanding our presence in the new global markets with our experiences and achievements in Indonesia and Australia, where we are winning blasting projects and exporting our plant technologies. The Chemical Unit has a five-decade history with accumulated business capacities in its key business areas, ranging from petrochemical and in-organic chemicals, to machinery and defense, boasting a stable profit structure. Building on its massive overseas network, it continues to sign new projects and secure stable source of profits, while working with world-class leaders through technology alliances to further build future business platforms.

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We take the lead in state-of-the-art defense technologies
 that are crucial to the military defense of the nation.

Our Defense Division contributes to the safeguarding of the people and the nation, building a better future, and improving defense capabilities.

Our Defense Division has industry-leading expertise in precision-guided munitions ranging from the designing of guidance systems to comprehensive testing, and it is continuing its research and develop- ment efforts to enhance the range and accuracy of existing ammunition. In addition, we are working to develop small unmanned systems suited for the future of warfare and the minimization of overall risks to military personnel, navigation equipment that can be installed on guided munitions or other various military platforms, and sonar sensors for underwater monitoring systems. With more than forty years of experience and know-how in high explosives and propellants, we have the nation's leading knowledge and expertise in insensitive munitions and are devel- oping highly reliable explosive-forming technology.

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We provide total engineering solutions
for the advancement of humanity.

Committed to delivering comfort and convenience to our customers, we will step up our research and development efforts to create world-class technologies.

With our world-class technological competitiveness built from our continuous talent development and persistent, undaunted commitment to excellence, we have evolved into a leading player in the aerospace industry. After years of endeavors to secure a technological advantage in the machine tool sector and develop customized products, we have recently succeeded in localizing production in China and are now making strides toward becoming a frontrunner in the global marketplace. We are also taking the lead in innovating the global logistics industry with our advanced automation technology, while enjoying a dominant position in the global powertrain sector with our renowned specialties in assembly. In the plant and machinery sector, we are advancing to become a global maker for heat treatment based on our proven know-how and experience.