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Human Rights Management

As a responsible corporate citizen, Hanwha Corporation is taking significant steps towards promoting and protecting human rights. We are committed to establishing a Human Rights Management Declaration and implementing a corporate-wide human rights management system that reflects global standards, including the UN Global Compact. We will strive to become a leader in human rights management, ensuring that our board, employees and all stakeholders across the value chain understand the impact of our operation on human rights. Furthermore, we are introducing a system for preventing, addressing, and rectifying human rights violation.

Hanwha Corporation Human Rights Management Charter

Hanwha Corporation declares the Human Rights Management Charter as follows with a strong determination to actively practice human rights management in all of our business activities and to fulfill our responsibility to contribute to social development as a listed company.

  • First, we respect and comply with universal principles and values on human rights
  • Second, we respect the dignity and values of our employees as humans and ensure their human rights are protected.
  • Third, we prohibit discrimination based on nationality, gender, age, and religion.
  • Fourth, upholding our corporate mission, 'Go Further Together,' we support and work together with our suppliers in implementing human rights management.
  • Fifth, as a part of the community, we respect community members and commit to promoting human rights
  • Sixth, we take consumers' human rights as our top priority and ensure their lives, health, and safety in all of our business activities.

Hanwha Corporation Human Rights Management Roadmap

As our commitment to establishing a culture of respect for human rights, Hanwha Corporation will devise and implement a mid and long-term human rights management roadmap in 2023.

2023~2024 2024~2025 2025~2026
Goal Develop Human Rights Management System Establish Human Rights Management System Strengthen Human Rights Management System
Action Plan
  • Develop human rights policies and activities for human rights-related departments
  • Establish and implement a human rights impact assessment
  • Implement a human rights impact assessment
  • Monitor and manage human rights risks
  • Expand the scope of human rights risk management
  • Strengthen preemptive risk management

Guiding Principles for Human Rights Management

Respect for Human Rights
Hanwha Corporation respects every member's human rights and strives to prevent human rights infringement.
Prohibiting Discrimination in Working Conditions and Ensuring Favorable Working Conditions
Hanwha Corporation prohibits discrimination in working conditions, including hiring, promotion, training, compensation, and benefits based on gender, race, religion, disability, background, and political views. In compliance with labor laws, we guarantee all employees fair wages, minimum wages, and safe and healthy working conditions. We also ensure that working hours are kept within reasonable limits and that all employees are entitled to vacations.
Ensuring freedom of association and collective bargaining
Hanwha Corporation complies with the Constitution and the Labor Relations Act as a foundation of human rights policies and respects and guarantees employees‘ rights.
No Child Labor
Hanwha Corporation does not employ children under the age of 15. We observe labor laws and regulations to employ minor workers under 18 and ensure they are not involved in any dangerous and harmful work.
No Forced Labor
Hanwha Corporation does not force labor against employees' free will. We also prohibit slave labor, including human trafficking.
Ensuring Industrial Safety
Hanwha Corporation creates a safety culture to ensure employees work in a safe environment. We also take proper safety measures to protect the health and safety of field workers.
Preventing Sexual Harassment and Workplace Bullying
Hanwha Corporation prevents sexual harassment and workplace bullying and takes proper measures if it occurs.
Responsible Supply Chain Management
Hanwha Corporation encourages partnering companies, including subsidiaries and suppliers, to fulfill obligations on human rights protection and support their practice.
Ensuring the Human Rights and Environmental Rights of Citizens
Hanwha Corporation ensures our business activities don't infringe upon the lives and livelihood of citizens. Hanwha Corporation establishes and manages the Environmental Management System for community sustainability and actively engages in environmental protection. We also take the initiative in sustainable management to achieve carbon neutrality and create a sustainable workplace. Furthermore, we commit to restoring the ecosystem and preserving biodiversity.
Protecting Consumers’ Human Rights
Hanwha Corporation ensures consumers' health and safety as we provide products and services. In addition, we never exaggerate or mislead consumers in advertising and marketing and take the necessary measures to ensure the security of personal information collected and stored by the company.