Hanwha Corporation is growing faster than ever as a global company now, with endless innovations and growth in both business and technology. We proudly introduce you to the present and the future of Hanwha corporation, which continues our journey towards a more sustainable future.

Win-Win Cooperation

Hanwha Corporation recognizes that the growth of its suppliers is linked to the growth of Hanwha Corporation.
In the spirit of ‘Going Further Together’, we will continue to pursue mutual growth.

Key Performance: Excellent 2020 Win-Win Growth Index & Mutual Growth Fund KRW 48 billion

Win-Win Cooperation Promotion Strategy

Spirit of Shared Growth
Going Further Together
4 Practice Guidelines
  • Desirable contract signing practices
  • Practices for the execution and operation of the Internal Review Committee for subcontracted transactions
  • Practices for supplier selection and operation
  • Desirable document issuance and preservation practices in subcontracted transactions
4 Practice Strategies
  • Financial Support
  • Management & Technical Support
  • Training & Human Resources Support
  • Open Communication
    • Win-win fund
    • Payment
    • Shared growth
      support system
    • Other support
    • Performance sharing system
    • Sales expansion support
    • Technical data deposit system
    • Joint technology development
    • Training program
    • Manpower support
    • Job creation
    • Notification operation
    • Suggestions board operation
    • Cyber reporting system
    • Dispute mediation system