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Through sustained efforts for increased corporate competitiveness
and technological innovation, Hanwha Corporation has
continued its growth into a global company with the world's leading
technological expertise and competitiveness.

Hot Line

Anyone who wishes to inquire about Compliance Control or has suffered from illegal or unfair acts of Hanwha Corporation or its directors or employees is welcome to report such case by leaving a message below.

The message will be delivered directly to the Compliance Officer, and those who enter their name and contact information are guaranteed a reply within 48 hours (during business days).

Personal Information Collected

Name, e-mail, contact information, name of company, access logs, service use records, cookies, IP information

However, personal information collected may vary depending on ‘collection route’.

Purpose of Personal Information Collection and Use

The company uses personal information collected for the following purposes:

Handling complaints, conveying notifications

Evaluating access frequency or statistics concerning service use

Personal Information Retention and Use Period

In principle, personal information collected is immediately discarded when the information has been used for the collected purpose. However, the following information is retained for the following period for the following purpose:

Retained Information: Name, e-mail, contact information, service use records, access logs, cookies, IP information

Retention Purpose: Management of responses to queries and follow-up on re-inquires

Retention Period: 1 years

If you do not agree to the above personal information collection and use terms, the use of this service may be restricted.

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collection and use?

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